What is Eduklips?

Eduklips stands for Educational Clips and are shorter facts films suitable for Swedish students. All our films have educational non-theatrical rights. It is important for us to make the use of videos in schools easy and reliable. Watching YouTube videos in schools might be easy, but the information and facts is not always correct. Often the content, such as language, pace and subject matter, is not tailored for students. Copyright issues are also often disregarded.

Why Eduklips?

The idea behind Eduklips – a Kunskapsmedia Group brand – is that both teachers and students can feel secure in the knowledge that the information has been fact-checked, adapted to the curricula, and that the rights to use the clips have been cleared. We believe that this will be of growing importance in the future for Swedish students, and are therefore looking for high quality educational clips (3–6 minutes long). Today we have more than 400 clips for the Swedish educational market, and additionally +50 clips are added every year.

Do you have high quality clips to offer?

We are always looking for shorter films that relate to the Swedish curriculum. If you or your company provides shorter educational films of high quality, you are more than welcome to contact us by email: info@eduklips.se.